My adventure of becoming a game sound designer began with 7 years of  special Saint-Petersbourg music school Pre-conservatory, followed by studying at the Technical Cybernetics department in Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University in St.Petersburg, Russia.  While there, I got a chance to work on my first serious project- create sound design for Millenium Racer - Y2K Fighters PC game, released in 2002 by Cryo Interactive Entertainment.

Not long after that, I got offered a position to work as a sound engineer at the Leningrad Documentary Film Studio (LDFS), where I remained from 2005 to 2007 and got to collaborate with a lot of talented people. Two of them - Alexander Dudarev and Sergey Litvyakov - became my mentors in sound recording and sound mastering. They taught me the very keystones of sound engineering and sound design that I've been implementing in my work ever since. During my time at LDFS I also got a chance to work on a few independent feature films and television series, both as a sound mixer and sound engineer. 


In the mid 2007, I got an offer to create sound design for Aqua Teen Hunger Force inspired by the cartoon series. The game was developed for PS2 by Creatstudio. During the period from 2007 to 2010 I designed sound for the following games:


In 2011, I met Finnish game composer Ari Pulkkinen and we started our collaboration (which we still continue) with TRINE 2 project for Frozenbyte. Here are our key projects:

IGN award winer for best sound design in 2013


Throughout my career, I got to design sound for over 60 games. Just in the last 5 years alone I wrote music and recorded soundtracks for a large number of projects. Currently, I am a co-founder of JoyCraftGames, where we continue making great games , using latest technologies and trends.

My strong points are:


When I am working, what matters most to me is to be able to identify any given project's primary needs, find workarounds in critical situations, while working as a team and of course, meet the deadline. I've discovered that my solid working experience in game industry helps me to overcome difficulties and create new solutions. As a sound artist I believe in constant growth and expansion of one's skills. I am always on the lookout for new inspiring projects that force me to challenge myself and discover new uncharted territories of the ever-growing industry of sound design.

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